Getting started with list building

I’m still here but have been busy, tired, or entertaining guests! I finally managed to get Aweber set up and going with my first autoresponder series. This particular site is more TNB/sniper hybrid and has the potential for the most traffic. It gets 50 or so uniques a day but it’s not converting. Since the […]

My first screen captures – motivation to keep working hard

For those that are following along, I thought it would be fun to post screenshots of my mini-successes along the way. Then when I am rich and famous a year from now, I can see how far I’ve come LOL Anyway, the main reason I wanted to show you all this is to just demostrate […]

Ezinearticles surprise – instant visitors

My first Ezinearticle for my sniper site that is producing sales got published yesterday and I’ve already had 35 visits (a couple of them were me!) and 25 clicks on my resource box! The article is on page 2 though and the site is on page 1. I don’t understand how people found the article […]

Empty Google Sniper sites ranking well

I have several domains in the same niche that I haven’t done anything to except set up WordPress. To my surprise today, 3 of them are ranking on the first page already! That prompted me to get writing some content. I actually did that at work today (shhh) while I was waiting for a process […]

Finally made $100 with Adsense

The moment finally arrived this week when I saw that I finally earned $100 in Adsense! When I started in November 2008, I had about $6 in Adsense from a hobby site that is since gone offline. Most of the money is from the first TNB site I did. I think it’s all about aging […]