Halloween Sites Update #1

I thought I would provide a quick update to how my Great Halloween Experiment is going. I have ended up with 31 domains. About 12 of them I bought last November when I heard about Brian Johnson’s success (no, I did not pay for his coaching that is going on now…). The rest I picked […]

Free SEO Software to Download

I just heard about Cherrypicker, a new SEO software created by Ryan Deiss. He’s giving it away for free. As you can imagine, I think he is getting ready to launch something but hey, it’s free software (and a free report). I played with it last night – it’s very much like the SEO module […]

June Earnings Updated – Ouch

I knew it was going to be bad. Really bad. I put off even looking at my total this month because I didn’t want to know! I was on such a high last month with my $1000 and now – CRASH and BURN – $582. OMG. That’s even lower than the beginning of the year. […]