Thanks for checking out my blog about becoming a work at home mom (WAHM). I’m Sara, mom of 2, with a full time job outside the home. I also have a husband but you don’t really need to know anything about him other than he has a job too. 😀 My son A. is 4 years old and my daughter B. is 2 years old.

I really want to hang out with my kids instead of commuting to a job. So I am working hard in my “spare time” (which encompasses the hours of 8 pm – 11 pm-ish week nights and random times over the weekend) to create a niche blog EMPIRE to earn some passive income so I can kick back and relax (yeah right LOL).

This blog is help keep me accountable and also track my progress. I will keep track of my income and projects here so you can follow along too! There is no instant gratification in niche blogging so I can bide my time by blogging about blogging.

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