First Clickbank Check!

Sorry I have been slacking on updating my blog. I’ve been working on and offline but have been neglecting to document things here. So, what I’ve been up to…I now have 8 Google Sniper sites in one niche but only two of them have produced sales. All of them are ranking on the first page […]

Waiting on that first Clickbank sale

So my latest 2 sniper sites are doing pretty well! In less than a week, one of them is #7 and the other is #10! I started getting organic traffic right away to the tune of about 30-40 uniques a day for the first one! I’ve also gotten 115 hops to the clickbank product but […]

Wow! Things are hopping!

My sniper #2 site is charging right out of the gate! I’m still at #7 in Google today (#1 in MSN!) and I got 33 hops yesterday! 😮 I had 39 unique visitors so I am very excited and hopefully that first sale comes soon. I can only imagine when I get to #1 what […]