September Earnings Updated

Whew, it’s been an exciting month for me! It’s not the most money I’ve made in a month but I saw progress in a couple of areas where I wanted to improve. Check out the numbers here.

I was introduced to the Adsense Masters Course – first on the Warrior forum and then I obtained […]

Waiting on that first Clickbank sale

So my latest 2 sniper sites are doing pretty well! In less than a week, one of them is #7 and the other is #10! I started getting organic traffic right away to the tune of about 30-40 uniques a day for the first one! I’ve also gotten 115 hops to the clickbank product but […]

Winner in the eHow Going Green contest!

I just received an email that I won one of the runner up prizes in the Going Green contest at eHow! How fun! There was only one top prize and 100 runners-up that win a reusable bag. I got a bag 😀

Here is the article: How to Dispose of Household Chemicals Properly

I don’t […]

Added more domains to my collection

Well, I don’t totally think I fell off the wagon on the domains LOL Part of my plan to earn $100 more each month is to create a couple new Google Sniper sites. I finally found a niche that has great search numbers with little competition. So I bought 4 all in the same niche […]

First Google Sniper site got indexed

My sniper site finally got into the index, now I need to work on adding the last two posts, one of which is my “story”. It’s in the men’s health niche so it’s kind of funny trying to write from a guy’s point of view 😀

I also purchased George’s Google Sniper videos, which I […]