It’s Official – I am a Business Owner

I finally decided to make things official and hauled myself down to City Hall to get a business license! Since I started claiming business income on my taxes, I thought I might be found out or something so I went ahead a did it. The license was only $30 so it won’t break the bank. […]

July Income Update

Well, there isn’t much to say except that July was worse than June Although I’ve read July is the worst month for internet sales so we’ll see (that and Google kicked my a$$ with Mayday…)

I’m just plugging away at my Halloween sites. I sold another 3 costumes from one site this week (same person […]

I’m Giving Away a $100 AdWords Coupon

With all the smart people that work at Google, you would think they would know which of their AdSense publishers already have an AdWords account and thus, the coupon that they sent me is pointless! Every few months or so, Google sends me a $100 coupon to put towards Adwords. The problem is, you can […]

One year anniversary of this blog – pardon the dust

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog! So in celebration I am trying to get a new theme up. Partially just because I need a change and partially because of that stupid link that keeps appearing on this site. I found it in my WordPress table and deleted it but […]

December 2009 Earnings Updated and Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I finally completed my December tally and due to a boost in Amazon income, my income increased about $70 from November! All in all, it was a good month considering I didn’t get much work done over the holidays. I decided to format my earnings page a little differently. I consolidated […]