March Earnings Wrap-Up and Update

It looks like my earnings keep creeping back up little by little, although this month’s Clickbank high is because of the seasonal item I’m promoting. It was quite a shock to see over $400 from Clickbank. Adsense is not performing like I want. One year ago I was making more with Adsense with fewer pages […]

February Earnings Update

February didn’t turn out too badly considering it was a shorter month. Adsense came up a little bit but overall, it still came in a little under January without the blog sale. I finally got the transfer resolved and everything turned out great.

I got an email today from eHow saying that they removed some […]

January Earnings Updated

This month has gotten away from me. I didn’t mean to wait so long to update. Anyway, post-Christmas was interesting. My lowest Adsense month in a year but Clickbank started picking up again. I pretty much haven’t made any headway since the big May Day update last year. Earning have been flat with the exception […]

December Earnings and 2010 Wrap-up

Hello? Anybody still here? Sorry I’ve been lazy updating. I really just relaxed over the holidays and that has spilled into January. I’ve been gearing up this week and working on my TNB site that has lots of potential. I’ve outsourced the material and have 40 posts scheduled and another 10 are on the way. […]

November Earnings Report

Lowest Adsense month all year *sigh* – I even have about 9,000 more page views than I did in January (when I made over $400) but the number of clicks is down by about 200 and my daily average is down $4. I’m not understanding this trend. It could be that my early money makers […]