It’s Official – I am a Business Owner

I finally decided to make things official and hauled myself down to City Hall to get a business license! Since I started claiming business income on my taxes, I thought I might be found out or something so I went ahead a did it. The license was only $30 so it won’t break the bank. I do have to get the codes inspector to come to my house and make sure I’m following all the rules LOL. That is another $50 for them to verify that I don’t have any people coming to the house and I don’t have any signs in the yard *rolling eyes*. Anyway, it’s kind of exciting – I was also thinking about creating a trade name or “doing business as” but I don’t need to do that right away.

I also sold my first blog this week! I got a random request on a site that wasn’t doing much so I decided to sell it. I even did the WordPress transfer myself as a part of the $100 price we settled on. We’re still having a problem with the buyer being able to login to WordPress (it works for me). Hopefully I can get that figured out! I followed Amy’s instructions from months 7 and 8 in the Niche Blogger and it worked great. The login problem is likely because of a wordpress upgrade issue (not sure yet).

As an update on my niche authority site – it jumped from absolutely nowhere to around #150 and now it’s at #80 today! I’ve been using LinkAloha and SEO Link Robot primarily. I’m still only showing 5 links in Yahoo but I think Google still sees the activity and “link velocity” going on. Obviously they do or my site wouldn’t have jumped so much. Speaking of Google, I’m pleased that most of my sites stayed right where they were (or got better!) with G’s latest algorithm change.

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4 comments to It’s Official – I am a Business Owner

  • I haven’t done the LLC yet – still a sole proprietor. Frankly, I’m getting caught up on picking a name…I can’t decide! I’ll have to go check out Michelle’s blog.

  • Right on with the sale – and the business entity! Exciting stuff. I had to do that a couple of times for brick and mortar businesses I’ve owned (nothing big), it’s a good feeling.

    I’m thinking I’ll do an LLC later this year for the tax reasons, too – I just read that at Michelle’s blog of – now you…

    It’s a catching thing – and invigorating. Makes the virtual seem a bit more tangible.

  • So far so good! No calls yet. That would be annoying though. Did you get a DBA? That might be how they found you because I think that has to be published or something.

  • Just a warning, when I went and made my self official last year and got my business license, I was surprised that for the next few months, every day I got phone calls from other businesses offering me their services (SEO experts, accountants, lawyers, etc.). I still get a few every week. Really annoying.

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