MayDay Mayhem

By now I’m sure everyone has heard about the changes Google made last month, now infamously known as “MayDay.” While I understand they are trying to weed out the trash, I was affected but inconsistently so I’m left confused as to what to do next. My Adsense has gone from averaging about $15/day to maybe $8/day. My awesome Clickbank Sniper site that has been at #1 for months and months has been bouncing around and is currently found at #11!! :-( I was making about $150-200 a month with that site and well, let’s just say I’m only at $20 so far for June – and this is the big season for the niche!!! My hops were cut in half and I’m only getting traffic because of two Ezine articles I have that rank well and convert to clicks well. I may try to add some more articles to the site and see what happens. Admittedly, I probably don’t have enough LSI words on that site so maybe that will help?

Other sites of mine didn’t budge and I don’t feel like they are any better or worse than the others. No matter, my traffic is way down across the board due to long tail words not ranking.

In the meantime, I heard about Brian G. Johnson’s Halloween Affiliate coaching course which is coming out tomorrow. Anyway, I bought about 10 Halloween domains last year after the holiday with the intention of catching the wave this year. I learned that Brian’s course is launching tomorrow to the tune of $499 so we can safely say I won’t be purchasing it. This is the link I’m not an affiliate so if you do buy it, please send me a little kickback LOL I sat through a couple webinars with him last fall and got the free report so I have the gist of it. Halloween is such an awesome niche – talk about hungry buyers! So I spent this weekend combing keywords looking for new domains. I wanted to get some good ones before the course launches – I already had a couple that were swiped out from under me over the weekend so people are really starting early. I now own 29 Halloween domains. I must be INSANE! So now, the whole summer I am going to focus on getting all these sites up and running. Hopefully, I can get my system going with the first 5 or so and them just crank them out. I will probably outsource some of the writing to my Burn Your To Do List crew.

I also coughed up some money today for Jon Leger’s Keyword Snatcher. This thing is pretty sweet. What is does is gets keywords that Google doesn’t show you in it’s keyword tool. It scrapes the suggestions that drop down when you type into Google’s main search box. Take a look at the video on the sales page for Keyword Snatcher and see what you think. Also, he is only selling this for one week so you have to act fast if you want it. That way, there won’t be too many people with their hands on this great tool.

I’m going to combine using Keyword Snatcher with my Halloween domains and see if I can’t get some of that long tail traffic for words that other IMer’s won’t even know about!

Once I get these Halloween sites going, I’ll use the Snatcher to help me put more related posts on my best performing sites. This is all one big experiment so I will be sure to report back in November on the thousands of dollars I made :-)

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  • Great ideas! I also love the idea of using Keyword Snatcher for your Halloween sites, as I reckon that using those long tail searches would work particularly well in those kind of niches.

    I had a couple of Halloween sites last year. All I literally did was put up the Amazon autoposter on them and I still managed to make money! Good sign for people who actually put a bit more effort into their sites! I think I need to get working on some Halloween sites too.

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