Google Sniper – Round 2

So no doubt that everyone knows that George Brown relaunched his Google Sniper product recently. I noticed I have been getting quite a few visitors to my blog for those looking to research this product. I have nothing but good things to say about the program. And I don’t hold it against George that he […]

August Earnings Updated

Check out the monthly earnings here. I certainly hope everyone was on vacation in July and August and that they are now back home and ready to click on Adsense and buy stuff!! It’s been a slow summer! I am way behind my goal but I don’t have any excuses except for I have been […]

Time to prioritize – again

I’m still here – took some time for vacation this month so had a few days away from the computer. I came home and decided to make a list of all my sites and rank them in order of which ones to work on first. I feel still like I am all over the place […]

Empty Google Sniper sites ranking well

I have several domains in the same niche that I haven’t done anything to except set up WordPress. To my surprise today, 3 of them are ranking on the first page already! That prompted me to get writing some content. I actually did that at work today (shhh) while I was waiting for a process […]

Finally made $100 with Adsense

The moment finally arrived this week when I saw that I finally earned $100 in Adsense! When I started in November 2008, I had about $6 in Adsense from a hobby site that is since gone offline. Most of the money is from the first TNB site I did. I think it’s all about aging […]