Google Slapped Me

OK, I’m embarrassed… Google deindexed 7 of my Halloween sites. o_O I was checking rankings today and noticed too many of them were off the radar. I got that sinking feeling as I checked them using the “site:” command. It’s a good thing Adsense wasn’t on any of them. In fact, I only had Adsense […]

September Earnings Update

I’ll make this short – there was definitely an increase this month mainly because of the costume sales. It’s nothing to brag about but it’s something. Not all of that CJ total was from costumes – about $40 was my TNB site. I’ve already made $130 in October for costumes and the last week of […]

Google Changed Their Search Numbers

After seeing a post by Carrie at Working Towards Home and doing a little searching, it has been revealed that Google has changed how they display the volume of searches in their external tool. Apparently, it is now showing only searches on Google itself and doesn’t include its search partners, as it did before. The […]

August Income Report and Halloween Update #2

OK, I just need to keep telling myself that as soon as I am done with these Halloween sites, I will concentrate on my existing sites and get them back up and making money! August wasn’t much of an improvement from July. In fact, Adsense did even worse But, I’m hoping I can turn that […]

Halloween Sites Update #1

I thought I would provide a quick update to how my Great Halloween Experiment is going. I have ended up with 31 domains. About 12 of them I bought last November when I heard about Brian Johnson’s success (no, I did not pay for his coaching that is going on now…). The rest I picked […]